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No. Ordering monthly is always OPTIONAL. When you do order monthly, you get extra discounts and perks from dōTERRA.

No. The majority of customers LOVE the wholesale discount. There is no contract to resell and no hidden fees at any time.

In rare cases, it may seem like some doTERRA oils cost more. doTERRA is committed to fair trade and paying farmers fair wages to ensure the highest grade of oils—NOT because it’s an MLM. Some oils require a lot of labor, such as Frankincense! NEVER trust a cheap Frankincense! dōTERRA oils are pure, all natural, and potent!

dōTERRA is owned by seven Executive Owners, one of them is female. They pay reps (mostly female business owners) referral commissions as opposed to using regular marketing dollars for paid advertising (like Facebook Ads). These reps show their customers how to use oils, this is important because there is a lot of sub-par brands on the market with ZERO service. dōTERRA saves millions of dollars in advertising and passes the savings on to their reps, who are small business owners (mostly moms). Most other essential oil companies commonly get their oils directly from brokers, who adulterate and stretch their essential oils. This lowers the quality of the oils, which in turn makes them cheaper. dōTERRA works directly with small scale farmers, and cares about the farming practices. There are numerous tests and consumer reports that can attest to the sad truth that other companies even with ‘tests’ are still faking their oils. Integrity matters to dōTERRA when it comes to using natural healthcare in your home, quality matters. Business ethics and sustainability matters to me, which is why I choose doTERRA.

Yes! You can customize your own kit! There is a $35 USD Enrollment fee -if you choose to customize your kit. Just go to and click 'Become a Member' to get your wholesale login, and create a customized kit.

You will not be alone! We show you how to use these products via video chats. You will get hundreds of uses out of any of the essential oil kits.

dōTERRA has an AMAZING shipping rewards program, you get product credit back for the cost of shipping. For every order, your shipping costs are added to your account as "dōTERRA cash" to spend on future purchases!

No! Scary thing! There are hundreds of ways that companies have adulterated their oils with synthetics and unsafe byproducts, even when claiming purity. dōTERRA has proven to have the safest and stringent testing methods for their oils to ensure the highest quality. Learn more here.

I am here for you! Feel free to I can help you with your first order and any questions you have.

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